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Welcome to my homepage.
As you may already read , if you were directed from my previous site-I've worked with dolls since i were 11 years old.
All the dolls are made by me.
I make them myself.
(updated, not quita ALL of them are made by me)
I do not take requests for making dolls anymore.
If you want to take some of my dolls, (which is copyrighted), please link them back to me.
Im going to make some Guest-doll sites too. And I will try to link them all back to who I got them from. If you find a doll here, as you made; Please inform me.
Once, I used to have 2008 dolls made by me. but they are on a different computer, so I have started making new ones. So I don't have that many yet!

News:  04.08-03   I updated my site, removed most off the preps ('cause im so sick of them :p) and put a lot of design avs in to my site.. enjoy ;)

This is me. Not a good picture though, but here I am. If you want to tell me something, If you have a question or something. Just e-mail me. I can not promise you will get a quick answer, but at least I will try to answer everyone!
- Benedicte



Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my dolls. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

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