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Unique / Preps  - what's the difference?

Personally I prefer Uniques.
I don't make Dolls (preps) anymore, but I still wanna keep them on my site, eaven though I kinda hate em. lol
I've worked for SO many years with the dolls, so I got kinda tired of them.
Now I ONLY use uniques at palace.

(more knewn as Preps)

- They have black outlines which makes them kinda unrealistic.
- Their arms goes behind the back.
- They are made in a whole different way. not as creative and detailed as the Uniques are. They haven't got many different colors in the hair and skin to make it look realistic - like the uniques have.

- They have no black outlines as the dolls have.
- The arms goes down, some uniques has their arms close to the body.
- Its a lot of different colors in the skin and the hair to make it look realistic and more alive. Its different tones, light, dark shadows  so on..
- They are much more skinny than the dolls (  =(  ) thats actually the only minus..


A Doll and an Unique. You can try to guess which one is a Doll and whish one is the unique =P

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